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Honesty and Integrity has been the corner stone for hiring our team of agents. We have carefully chosen only those agents that have a heart for the needs of their customers and have proven themselves by successfully achieving their client’s goals. We are not a big company but a small group of highly trained and skilled individuals, who love what we do.
Proudly serving our communities of Pensacola, Perdido Key and the Military of NAS in Real Estate Sales, Short Sales, and Property Management .


Balanced Business Market

Lucrative Split


No Desk Fees


Ideally located central to a variety of Real Estate markets,  2 Paradise Realty is perfect for you if your specialty is Residential Homes, Condominiums, Land and Lots or Commercial Property.

At  2 Paradise Realty, we believe that agents work hard for their commissions and deserve a lucrative commission split.  That is why we start our agents at a 70/30 split regardless of how long you have had your license, with the potential for you to increase your split.  Beyond that, you have the potential to earn more than 100% of your commissions through Sponsorship Residuals. 

All  Salespeople Know They Are In Total Control Of Their Retirement With This New System.  They can create retirement monies at will, simply by assisting management in
the recruiting process. Each sales rep that they sponsor into the corporation means more money for them later. Sponsoring is an assistance program for management in the recruitment process that is bonused residually as long as the new recruit stays with 2 Paradise and generates business.

The program is strictly single-level and it’s unlimited in its potential.  Associates can sponsor new salespeople anywhere in North America throughout the corporation and receive an amount equivalent to 10% of the gross of the production of the new recruits.
This bonus is paid out at closing of each sale.

As an example, a $70,000 producer would generate a $7,000 bonus to the sponsoring agent. If this continued over 20 years at the same rate,
then this associate would receive $140,000 in bonuses! These bonuses are not based our brokerage profitability.

As soon as the deal closes, the sponsor receives the bonus, usually within 72 hours, our administrator.

 Should the sponsor retire, then all the 10% bonuses that were being paid residually to that person, reduce to 7%, similar to a pension plan.The remaining 3% is paid to the broker where the sponsor’s license resides. From this point forward, amounts equivalent to 7% of the gross production of all of the recruits sponsored in by
this individual are received on closing as before.

This continues for as long as the recruits stay with 2 Paradise Realty and generates business.

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