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Why you should get Renters Insurance

It protects you and your stuff

Some renters think that while they are renting, their stuff is covered by their landlord’s insurance. This is not the case – the landlord’s insurance covers them and their property – not the renters or their property.

Since a landlord’s insurance NEVER covers a tenant’s personal belongings or liability, every renter should have Renters insurance to cover loss from a natural disaster, theft, or a lawsuit. Lawsuits can occur if one of your guests is injured while on the property.

You can also get a policy that will cover additional living expenses if the property becomes inhabitable.

It provides Gap insurance

Renters insurance can provide protection when your other policies won’t.

Let’s say you get home late one night – it’s cold, it’s dark and you just don’t feel like uploading the car so you leave some personal belongings in the back seat. During the night, someone notices your stuff, breaks into your car and helps themselves. Your car insurance should pay for any damage to the vehicle, however, most car policies don’t cover personal items left inside. In this example, Renters insurance could help reimburse you for the stolen items.

It’s super cheap

Renters insurance is much cheaper than other coverage types and usually only costs a few pennies a day. You can also add it to other policies and/or increase the deductible and save even more money.



Confirmation of Vacating Premises

Hurricane Preparedness

Maintenance Request form

Move-in Checklist

Tenant Vacating Agreement (for use when exercising Military Clause)


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